Monday, October 31, 2011

Seasons Change

Rock Creek Park, from Ellington Bridge
Holy cow. We got a bit of winter this weekend and I had to officially retire the little summer wear I had left and break out the puffy jackets. I wasn't quite ready for it, though. I never am. 

Seasonal changes are fantastic in this part of the country and Washington is no different. Street-side café seating, plentiful restaurant patios and lively night life make strolling around the District's neighborhoods a treat in fall weather. From Mount Pleasant, we can stroll east though Columbia Heights, across the park to Cleveland Park or south to Adams Morgan and U Street. Even getting dressed to go out is easier. As in: I'm not that fashionable, but having to wear layers makes everyone look cool. We're firmly in layer weather now. 

Leaves are changing color, the shady side of the street is getting downright cold and if you have a heater or radiator, it might be getting its first workout in a few months. This is a great time to be in DC. Coffee everyday, all day. And apple cider is my favorite! (Brandied apple cider for those of you who prefer adult beverages.) Farmer's markets are still around, but not for long. And if you work a 9 to 5, your after work sunlight hours are getting shorter by the day. So, enjoy the Washington fall and get in a few long distance strolls before the winter weather sets in. Peace.