Friday, February 24, 2012

Coffy Cafe Opening Next Week

The DC coffee scene is about to get another player. Coffy Cafe has been in the works for nearly a year now and I'm happy to see that they will likely open within the next 10 days! A sign recently went up in the front windows indicating an open date of Saturday March 3rd. Welcome to the neighborhood, Coffy! 

Coffy Cafe is located at 3310 14th St NW in Columbia Heights. The unique name is a direct reference to the 1973 Jack Hill film Coffy starring 1970s (and then, 90s!) movie queen Pam Grier.

Not sure if they have a proper website yet, but the shop Facebook page is active and every time I've peeked in the windows of the store this week, they've had a more "open soon" feel. Looking forward to a new quality coffee spot just blocks away from Mount Pleasant! Have a great weekend.

UPDATE: They do have a website., natürlich.

Inside is still a work in progress, but looking good!