Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Visible Progress on Adams Morgan Streetscape Project

Wider sidewalks; more room for pedestrians
The Adams Morgan 18th St streetscape project is now 65% complete, according to the DDOT dashboard. Construction continues from Columbia Road to Florida Ave, with little untouched along the way. Roads and sidewalks are a mess of asphalt, mud and orange tape. But at 65% completion (and 100% on budget), the end is near. Businesses, residents and visitors can look forward to visible markers of progress as DDOT continues on the now 18 month project.

Water connection work is virtually done and much of the remaining construction will involve surface work including the actual roadway, parking schemes, expanded sidewalks, granite curbing, accessible ramps and lighting. In these photos, you can see how much additional room --4 to 6 feet in places-- pedestrians will have on sidewalks. Some intersections (like 18th and Kalorama) will get bulb outs, making the crossing distance even shorter and slowing car traffic. Finally, parking will be converted to traditional parallel; from the awkward diagonal back-in-only parking practiced now.

Bulb-out and granite curb