Thursday, July 25, 2013

End of the Road for Kanlaya, Urfa Tomato Kabob

The days are apparently numbered for Thai restaurant Kanlaya, Turkish restaurant Urfa Tomato Kabob and several other Chinatown businesses located at 736-740 6th St NW. Douglas Development recently purchased the two adjacent buildings and plans to overhall the structures, including installing new tenants. The most recent District tax assessment for this property was $7.8 million, but I'm betting it sold for a bit less.

The Washington Business Journal is reporting that the current tenants, including Kanlaya, Urfa, and the restaurant Burma, will be out of the space by the end of 2013. Bummer. I'm OK with having some older building stock in this part of town. And appreciating the businesses that call those buildings home (remember Cafe Deli!?). This was one of the quirky corners in the East End. In my opinion, this a bit of a depressing move, wiping away some of the more interesting businesses in what's left of Chinatown.

The new development will join the two buildings into one; 740 6th St NW. It will contain 4,500 sq ft of first floor retail and 13,956 sq ft of office space on floors 2-4. Douglas will rehab the interiors and add brick and glass to the exterior. No exact date on delivery, but I'll estimate mid-late 2015. Sad to see Kanlaya and Urfa go! 

Rendering via Douglas Development
Floor plan via Douglas Development