Friday, June 20, 2014

Lamont Street Collective Summer Bash

Lamont Street Collective, home of Salon de Libertad, is hosting another summer arts show, but this time with a focus on music. The Lamont Street Summer Bash will feature DC band Grogan Social Scene and Alexandria's Peyote Pilgrim. There will be visual arts as well, in the form of LA Johnson, who will show pieces inspired by the new album from Grogan Social Scene. That's a cool way of exhibiting new work; a dual-sensory experience for the audience. Another bonus: they've procured a few specially brewed beers for the event, including one called Smokey Whiskey Barrel Stout. Yes, please!

Lamont Street Collective events never disappoint, and this sounds like a cool way to kick off the summer. The Bash is next Saturday, June 28, beginning at 8:00 pm. The Collective is located at 1822 Lamont Street NW, right here in Mount Pleasant. They're accepting donations at the door. Have a great weekend!