Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New York's Momofuku Coming to DC

New York exports all kinds of stuff. Especially foodstuffs. This is a town in which the line for cronuts was only 15 deep during a blizzard. A blizzard. 

The cronunt eventually made its way to DC (if not by the same name). And just as the cronut flew south during the winter, so does another NYC star, Momofuku.

Momofuku is actually a collection of restaurants mostly located in New York, but with sites in Toronto, ON and Sydney, NSW. The original Momofuku was a noodle bar featuring ramen. With each new restaurant came new concepts, such as Milk Bar, a dessert and sweets shop. They're known for inventing drinks like cereal milk hot chocolate

Both Momofuku and Milk Bar will open in the City Center development. They'll be located on the first floor of the office building at the corner of 11th and I (Eye) Streets NW. This is the retail space adjacent to the farmers market, where everyone wanted an Apple store to open. Turns out wishing stores into existence doesn't work in real life. The company has to want to do it and sign a lease. So instead we get Momofuku and Milk Bar.

Until recently vegetarian options at each place have been virtually nil and the vegan options are still truly nil. So, send me the reports, because I'll be window shopping. No announced opening date as of yet, but stay tuned.