Thursday, January 29, 2015

Purple Patch Could Replace Tonic

It appears that someone has secured the former Tonic space (3155 Mount Pleasant St NW) and is moving forward with a new business. I peeked inside the downstairs level last night and there were bottles and bottles of wine in the otherwise nondescript and unadorned former sports bar space. The tables, chairs, and bar area looked to be identical to what remained when Tonic closed. As a reminder, Tonic closed last June. Plans to open another restaurant in the space never materialized.

The new business has posted hiring advertisements featuring the name and logo for "Purple Patch Food & Drink." I have zero inside knowledge, but that sounds like a wine focused theme to me. I'd be super-OK with a relaxed wine bar atmosphere. Or at least a regular-type, normal, non-gimmicky bar with a good wine selection. And beer. Maybe a TV or two for the game. And nice people working there and hanging out there. And... well, let's just wait and see what shakes out. At any rate, this is welcome news for such a prime space on our commercial strip. Stay tuned for more details as they come. Very cool news!

[UPDATE: Now hearing that Purple Patch could be a project from a former Tonic employee.]