Monday, April 20, 2015

Subway Gets a Poop Protest

Outside / inside of 3174 Mount Pleasant St NW.
For the past week or so, a nightly digital projection has graced the outer walls of 3174 Mount Pleasant Street NW. Late last year, we found out that the former Suns Discount storefront would soon be home to a Subway sandwich shop. Well, we thought it would be soon way back in November. But time is relative, I suppose.

The digital projection features a bunch of animated, anthropomorphic, floating "poop" emoji cartoons, alternating with messages such as "future home of Subway" [with "Subway"stylized like the corporate logo] and "Subway eat shit," a take on the shop's "eat fresh" advertising motto. The projection originates from another building on the other side of Mount Pleasant Street NW.

Peeking inside, you can see that the build-out continues and it's actually starting to look like a restaurant akin to Subway. I'm ambivalent about Subway. They did add a few vegan sandwiches to their menu recently, but yeah, it's still fast food. Safe, boring, fast food.

As for the protest, I'll give 4 out of 5 stars. It's simple and gets the point across in about 30 seconds. I mean, less than that actually. So, mission accomplished. Subway is so ubiquitous, it's an easy target; but this protest has a whiff of Adbusters, so I like it.

My dream Mount Pleasant restaurant is a replica of 821 Cafe in Richmond. I mean, where can you really get a quality breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same seat. Not many places. No gimmicks, no fake-fancy bs, no over-inflated DC prices, no open table, no wack cell phone apps, and no standing in line; just good food and good people. 

Reminds me, I need to visit Richmond.

If you're ever in RVA... 825 W Cary St.