Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Absolutely, Another Thai Choice

Thai Chili, Royal Thai, Kanlaya, and now Absolute Thai Restaurant. The Thai offerings in Chinatown-Gallery Place just increased by one. Absolute occupies the seemingly cursed corner (ex-Lee Loo Lounge location, near ex-Rock and Roll Lounge and ex-ex-Cowboy Ugly location) at 6th and G Streets NW. The only business that have been on this block for some time are a multinational (Burger King) and an esoteric, nondescript, but popular "diner" (Family Dinette).

Absolute still had the new restaurant smell and look last week when I made a visit, but that's a good thing. Someone spent a few dollars sprucing this place up, and made some darn good decisions along the way. Just go to the bathroom. Even if you don't get a meal, at least go to see where most of the renovation $$$$ probably went. I mean, the rest of the space is nice as well, but yeah. Just go. (OK, looks like someone else paid for the restroom "enhancements;" see comments below)

Anyway, yes, that is all well and good, the place looks fantastic. Food was great as well. What actually drew me in was the menu posted in the doorway. I will almost always try out a restaurant which offers the dinner menu at special lunch-time prices. A great way to lure in new customers and build up a lunch crowd. I chose rather safe dishes, Pad Thai Jae (vegetarian) and the vegetarian spring rolls. Nothing over the top, run home and tell the parents about, but very well done. They have a decent sized vegetarian section of the menu, so I was pleased about that as much as any of the other factors. The servers were knowledgeable and anticipated my concerns about veggie eating as well. Sweet.

In short, service = A, ambiance = A, and food = B+. I'll have to go again to see if the quality remains good all around, but for now Absolute Thai gets added to the list of decent lunch options in downtown. Absolute Thai is located at 521 G Street NW, four blocks from the nearest 42 bus stop.