Sunday, December 27, 2009

Top Ten Stories of the Year: 5

Top Ten stories of the year on The 42.

Number 5: NextBus and the Circulator
Huge transit news for all of DC. NextBus is a fairly revolutionary system which uses GPS, fixed schedules and bus routes to give real time arrival status of WMATA's Metro buses. The status can be checked by calling in to an automated voice line or on internet enabled smartphones. The result means you can enjoy the last of a good meal knowing the next bus is 20 minutes out, avoid standing in the rain waiting on a late bus, or know you're better off walking the 10 blocks to save yourself some time.

The midtown Circulator has been a runaway hit. The limited stop bus travels from McPherson Sq in the heart of downtown, all the way to Woodley Park, making only 5 stops along the way. Stops include Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant. Great, great addition by the City. This is a joint project between DC's DDOT and the regional WMATA.

Circulator on Mount Pleasant Street

Reasons to Be Car Free in DC: Limited Stop Bus

NextBus and Circulator Systems a Blast