Friday, January 8, 2010

Burritos Fast, CVS, Maoz

Burritos Fast
If you haven't seen, Tikal Burritos Fast is back from the dead! With some fresh new table clothes and a missing counter in the front window, a restaurant nearly 100% identical to the one which closed. I have not set foot inside the new place. Have you? Anyone have anything to report? I will try to get over there for a burrito at some point soon. As you may or may not know, I was a fan of the old place if only for the fact that it was close and you got a lot of food for the money.

The new CVS in Adams Morgan is open. The pharmacy-food-convenience store moved across the street this month, abandoning the cramped and awkward store at 1700 Columbia Rd NW. The new store is adjacent to the newly renovated Safeway at 1747 Columbia Rd NW. It is much, much larger but looks a lot less quirky than the older location with new precast brick and concrete panel sections on the face.

Maoz Vegetarian
I was really excited about the opening on Maoz Veg in Dupont. It finally opened and I've been there several times since. A few lunch visits and lots of after work and a late night or two. In my opinion, the product has gotten better over the weeks. I've always been happy with my meal, but they haven't always been consistently good. The fries have been, but the falafel was sometimes great, and sometimes OK. Have you had similar experiences? Still glad its here and I'll probably go again soon. Maybe today!