Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nationals = Playoffs. Now for a Brief History.

Congratulations to the Washington Nationals for wining the National League East division championship. This will be the first postseason appearance for the team since moving to Washington from Montreal in 2005. Here's a brief recap of how I've felt about the team since the move:

2005 - Baseball is back in DC! Good show! Love RFK!
2006 - Oh cool, Alphonso Soriano.
2007 - RFK feeling a bit old, but hey, the team is getting better, right?
2008 - I bought season tickets for this?
2009 - [response unintelligible due to paper bag over head]
2010 - Future: Signs of hope. Present: Still in last place.
2011 - Getting serious about this winning thing again.
2012 - ??? Best year yet... with more to come! ???

May they fare better in the playoffs than their DC major league counterparts of recent years; save the Kastles. Cheers.